Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why I named this blog Two Kinds of Dogs


The name of my blog came from a saying I use. The saying is, there are two kinds of dogs in this world, huntin' dogs and wiener dogs.

Huntin' dogs may not hunt, they may herd sheep or cattle, they may be seeing eye or even rescue dogs. Wiener dogs may not be wiener dogs but they just sit around the house and soil the carpet, they watch Oprah and eat bonbons, they are worthless and would be better off if they were cats.

I then ask what kind of dog are you? I hope during this process I can be a huntin' dog and not a wiener dog.


  1. You're definitely a huntin' dog! You got that fighting spirit!

  2. Rick, you would not be better as a cat... you have always been a hunting dog in my book.

  3. Can you be a hunting dog and eat bon bons, too? :)